We are proud to be associated with the best, environmentally friendly, livestock producers in Quebec, as much for our organic products as for our natural products. Mon épicier bio is committed to offering fresh, lean meat, with the authentic tastes of yesteryear.

The presence of the BIO Québec  logo ensures that the product :

Bio Quebec

  • was certified by a certification body accredited by the CARTV  in accordance with the approved organic certification reference manual;
  • is composed of at least 95% of ingredients from organic origin ;
  •  was produced or processed and packaged in Quebec.

vetvacheThis is the fruit of the labour and creativity of Quebecers that work daily to offer products which are distinguished by their greater respect for the environment, better living conditions for livestock, and the elimination of substances of unnatural origin (pesticides, GMO’s, food additives, etc.) from your food.

Mon Epicier Bio is proud to be associated with Quebec companies, which employ hundreds of Quebec workers yearly.

In short, buying from Mon Epicier Bio, means supporting the Quebec economy !

Meat Quality