Our organic meat is of high quality ; free of antibiotics, synthetic amino acids and growth hormones. Livestock is raised in a healthy environment and is fed GMO-free vegetable grain. These animals are fed a greater range of nutrients than animals raised on traditional farms. Young, fresh grass from pastures contain more nutrients than the feed and grains used to feed traditionally-raised livestock. In choosing our organic meat, you’re getting a more naturally-flavoured meat, which is also better-tasting !

Monepicierbio.ca offers premium-quality organic meat, rich in vitamin E, linoleic acid (omega 6 fatty acid) and several other health benefits.

We advocate a responsible approach to feeding, involving respect for the animal and its living environment : the livestock producers we associate with share these same deep convictions.

Our natural meat is free of synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics and the animals are primarily given feed without animal by-products. Some livestock producers also provide living conditions considered « natural » for the animal, while industrial producers don’t typically care about their animals’ welfare. Our way of doing things responds to a new demand by consumers who have developed a sense of ethics with regard to their food. Another advantage to eating natural food : it is less expensive than certified-organic food. The quality of our natural meat is exceptional: we have sought out the best producers in Quebec. Natural is a good compromise between food that is organic and that which is industrially-produced!

To learn more about the characteristics of our natural products, consult their respective guides found under Our meat.

The ultra-modern facilities at La Maison du Gibier allow us to offer a steady supply of products which are in conformance with the most rigorous quality standards in the food industry. La Maison du Gibier is regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of meat and complies with the HACCP standards .

The exceptional nutritional value of game meat contributes to maintaining a healthy diet : the meat is low in cholesterol and in saturated fat and is high in protein and iron. Game meat constitutes a healthy choice for those who care about eating well ! Consult our  Game Meat section to learn about our variety of products. !

Respect for big game meat production standards contributes to maintaining the health and good development of the animals. Among the standards is a feed without artificial growth hormones and animal by-products such as animal meal and animal fat. Another is the very restricted use of antibiotics, reserved for cases of extreme necessity and only under veterinary order. Animal qualification is based on its age and weight. It should be noted that certain quality standards of the Grands gibiers du Québec certification require specific installations be present on the production farm, including a corral, a squeeze chute, and a scale.

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