ecoplante Respect for the environment

Mon Epicier Bio’s primary mission is to contribute to improving its clientele’s quality of life by offering high-quality agri-food, produced with the utmost respect for fauna and flora. In fact, the work of our farming partners is done with respect to the environment, the animals, and consumer health.

femmedineHealthy eating, in all its simplicity

Many Quebec families choose healthy eating with Mon Epicier Bio. We are committed to offering fresh, lean meat, with the authentic tastes of yesteryear and with excellent nutritional values.


Encourage the Local Economy

Mon Epicier Bio is proud to be associated with Quebec companies, which employ hundreds of Quebec workers yearly. Buying from Mon Epicier Bio, means supporting the Quebec economy !

boeuftomateOffer only quality products

You can find each farm’s certification on the product packaging as well as in their information page under the our meat tab. From the farm to the table, the traceability of your meat is paramount to us ! When you buy at Mon épicier bio, you can rest assured that you are consuming products which have passed rigorous quality and sanitary standards.

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