Working together for a greener world and a better quality of life.

Imagine how busy our roads would be if our trucks had to deliver one portion of meat at a time all over Quebec. Imagine the amount of fuel wasted and, above all, the unnecessary pollution caused.

We want to be environmentally responsible, so we’re looking to reduce the number of trips to our customers. And being more environmentally friendly means we’re acting in line with the organic products that we sell.

We offer a food alternative that not only allows you to eat better food but also enhances your quality of life. And our minimum purchase system offers a simpler way of doing things.

You can be sure that your meat is of the utmost quality for our vacuum packaging guarantees maximum freshness, even if frozen for up to 18 months.

You save time because you no longer have to worry about grocery shopping and you don’t have to place the same order week after week.

In this way, we can offer extremely low cost or even free delivery for all orders of $ 600 or more. This minimum purchase policy also offers you financing services and weekly or monthly payment options to help you balance your budget. However, this would not be possible if we sold our products one at a time.

Think about it! This policy comes with many benefits and will allow us to work together towards a greener world.

Our Guarantee