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Who is Mon Epicier Bio ?
Mon Epicier Bio is an online grocer assembling the best products coming from natural and organic producers in Quebec-all at one location. Our suppliers respect the most rigorous standards in the industry, which allows us to offer the best meat on the market, be it natural, organic, or game. The same applies for our deli meats, fish, and seafood. Being a client at Mon épicier bio is like having nonstop access to a farm ! The organic meat industry is a well-structured and highly-regulated business sector : all is meticulously documented, monitored, and verified. To receive and maintain their organic certification, our farmers are expected to conform to strict standards (precise guidelines) which dictate every detail of production, processing, handling, storage, packaging, labelling, and distribution of organic food. Mon Epicier Bio offers a wide variety of high-quality products which stand out for their exquisite taste and which respond to clients deeply-held values.
What if I don’t have a freezer?
Mon épicier bio  offers you the option to buy a freezer directly from the website. Consult the our Freezer page to see the different formats and models available. Our personalized delivery service can deliver your freezer to the location of your choosing. We offer also financing options ! Shop freezers
Is a minimum purchase required to be a client?

Mon Epicier Bio established a purchasing plan requiring a minimum order of $250 or $600. Start shopping by selecting your products and then enter your postal code via the shopping cart page and you will find the minimum to order depending on your region.

 We offer our customers the opportunity to pay their order with a certified check, credit card, cash or weekly or monthly, depending on your convenience check. You may also pay in 1, 2, or 3 instalments, depending on your preference.
Can I pick up my order at one of your locations?
It is possible for you to pick up your order at one of our locations. Please communicate with us for further details at: 1-855-777-BIO1 or by email at info@monepicierbio.ca 11460 Armand Bombardier Montréal (Québec) H1E1W4
How does delivery work?
Your orders are shipped to your home using our refrigerated trucks. Our delivery service is available throughout the province. You will be contacted by customer service within 48 hours following your order with delivery dates for your region. Upon delivery, the delivery man will gladly place all your boxes near your freezer for you.
What is the difference between fresh and frozen meat?
Freezing inhibits bacterial growth, which allows the food to last for up to a week after the package has been opened. One advantage to vacuum packing is to be able to defrost one piece of meat in less than an hour by immersing it in water. So you don’t have to wait long for meat that is rich in flavour and freshness. Take note that vacuum-packed meat conserves well for up to 18 months in the freezer, while still preserving the food’s flavour and freshness. It’s as fresh as the day it left the butcher’s ! Frozen meat can prove to taste fresher than actual fresh meat ! When you buy fresh meat at the grocer’s, you don’t really know how long the meat has been on the display rack, so you may ask yourself a few questions… is your ground beef from a recycled roast that couldn’t be sold ? What’s more, have you ever noticed frozen meat in which the packaging had some blood running ? Be aware that this meat was frozen after it failed to sell on the fresh food rack. Rest assured that you will never find this type of product at Mon épicier bio, since we freeze your meat on the day it is packaged. What an advantage to have quality meat at your disposal which preserves well and for a long time! You’ll always be ready for unexpected visits from loved ones!
In what type of packaging is the meat delivered?
Our meat is vacuum-packed and delivered in a clean and convenient package, ensuring product freshness. Our products’ freshness is 100% guaranteed. If ever a vacuum-packed packaging should break during transport, the product will be exchanged free of charge.
What happens if my product is out-of-stock ?
We can either credit your invoice or offer you a similar product of equal value.
What if a preferred product of mine is not available on your website ?
We can check product availability for you with our suppliers. Please inform us through our Contact section. It is always a pleasure for us to verify with our suppliers for the possibility of adding your product to our site.
Secure payment or monthly financing ?
Mon épicier bio offers the following payment options : certified check, credit card, cash or weekly or monthly, depending on your convenience check. . Once your order and product availability has been confirmed, your order will be shipped to you. If you prefer weekly or monthly installments, simply fill out the form found at the end of the online process. Upon approval of credit-simple and free of charge-Mon épicier bio will deliver your products to you. We deal with TransUnion, a company that performs secure and authorized credit verifications. Rest assured that your credit application form will be secure and HTTPS-configured. You can submit your personal information with peace of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Following credit approval-simple and free of charge- Mon épicier bio will home-deliver your products. We deal with TransUnion, a company that performs secure and authorized credit verifications. Rest assured that your credit application form will be secure and HTTPS-configured. You can submit your personal information with peace of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
What is your guarantee Policy ?
Mon Epicier Bio offers a complete guarantee on its products and a clear refund policy. In addition, our clients receive a credit on products if : - The integrity of packaging has been compromised - An error occurred during order processing and you were sent the wrong product To make a claim, send us your request through the Contact page and please indicate the nature of your claim. Mon Epicier Bio Guarantees Product Freshness We always supply nothing but high-quality products. The majority of our suppliers are HACCP-certified in food safety procedures. Weekly inspections are performed, facilities are sanitized, and the personnel receive on-going training and supervision. Products are labeled and weighed : quality is assured. Products are vacuum-packed and frozen to ensure their freshness. Visit our guarantee page
Is it possible that the final amount of my bill needs to be confirmed?
Take note that many of our products vary in weight. We guarantee that you will receive what you ordered. We weigh our meat using precise digital scales to ensure that you only pay for the amount of food you ordered. Therefore, at the time of delivery confirmation we also confirm the total cost of the order. The final amount of your bill may vary by a few dollars, give or take, depending on the weight of the products.
Referral Program ?
To access the Referral Program, you must first create and be a Customer of Mon Épicier Bio . Refer a friend or family member and receive a $5 discount coupon. There is no limit: the more people you refer, the more discount coupons you accumulate to apply towards purchases. Please visit our tab Talk about us to a friend. You can send us your friends’ names by this way. We will only contact your friends by e-mail to invite them to explore our website. If they complete a transaction, we will send you your $5 discount coupon by e-mail. *Please note that discount coupons are only given for first-time transactions of newly-referred clients.
Will I receive my order in one shipment?
Yes, because like you, we care about the planet and try to do our part in reducing our movements. We have the chance to deliver non-perishable products, so why not take this opportunity to reduce our travels to our customers. This philosophy goes along with our biological beliefs. In addition, we can offer a flexible and safe delivery. The majority of our customers are busy people who are looking for efficiency and simplicity! Our customers appreciate our approach promoting intelligent consumption without waste and impulsive purchases. In summary, we advocate an easier management for more efficiency because it is better to manage a quarterly delivery than a weekly one. A family of 4 people consumes at least $ 50 per week of meat. Thus, our concept will fill your needs for a period of about 12 weeks. We offer our customers the ability to adjust their orders (over $ 600) per weekly or monthly payments, certified check, credit card or in cash, according to their convenience. Be aware that a $600 order maintains meat easily in the refrigerator freezer! We also offer delivery for the region of Montreal and its surroundings, requiring a minimum purchase of $ 250 . Enter your postal code via our website and discover if you are eligible. Also, u can pick up your order at our offices, requiring a minimum purchase of $ 250. Please contact us for terms and conditions: 1-855-777-BIO1.
Need help?
We would be happy to help you determine your weekly budget and advise you on our various baskets offered. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, which is available at all times to make your web experience more enjoyable. 1-855-777-BIO1 (9:00 à 17:00)  info@monepicierbio.ca Use our live Chat